True Value Solar Power

Clean Energy Co. Provides True Value Solar Power for Australia.

Because of their commitment to quality, Clean Energy Co. is a go-to choice by many businesses in the solar powered industry that service commercial and residential clients. We have installed over 12,000 solar electricity systems in commercial establishments, educational facilities and residential units.

When you select Clean Energy Co as your solar solution provider, you are choosing a company who was named Australia’s Best Value Solar Power Provider!

Best Value Solar! We Offer the Best Rates to Our Customers

We have a professional team of 50 in-house, skillfully-trained local solar installers. Clean Energy Co. promises to have your project completed using the highest of standards, regardless of how small or large the project is. We have obtained a prestigious reputation by producing quality work.
We install various kinds of commercial and residential solar electricity systems that are developed to fulfill the unique needs our customers. Our solar systems come in voltages up to 60 VDC or higher, based on customer specifications.

Clean Energy Co. provides the most effective products out there, and always at a rate lower than our competition. There are other organizations providing similar services, but because their rates are more costly, they can’t provide as much value to customers as we can. We strive to maintain a perfect balance between productivity and price.

We offer each of our customers a 12 Year Inverter Warranty, a 30 Years Efficiency Warranty, and a 12 Year Installation Warranty. And don’t forget – you can obtain solar power without paying for anything upfront.

Be mindful that after a specific amount of time, many panels begin to lose their efficiency, and as such, produce less power. Since you are protected by Clean Energy Co.’s warranties, if your panels deteriorate over time, we have you covered. We ensure that you’ll be able to use our solar systems for years to come at economical rates.

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