‘We are one of the first families with the Enphase Storage System and it’s been fantastic to finally get much more out of the electricity our solar system produces. We can really see the difference.

Saving with Clean Energy Co Commercial

Let solar cover most or all of your electricity consumption. Lock in your solar lease repayments now whilst the interest rate is low and electricity prices are on the rise. With electricity prices jumping over 91% for the past five years, now is the time to lock-in your electricity price for the next 7 years. Imagine not having to worry about the continually rising electricity costs.


We believe that 'cash is king'. With that in mind, we have made all our plans available with absolutely nothing required upfront.

Grow your business,
not your bills.

Wouldn't it be nice to have your business grow, but not your bills. We think so.

We move
with you.

We understand that the premises you start in, is not always the one you finish in. All our plans allow quick and easy relocation with no disruption to you business.

Are you eligible for  Clean Energy Co Commercial?

You must meet the following conditions;
1. Minimum 2 years of trading
2. GST registered
3. Adequate roof space
If you tick all these boxes you’re eligible for a Clean Energy Co Commercial consultant to talk to you about using the power of the sun to generate electricity and help you save money.

As of 2017 Clean Energy Co has installed over…

  • 400,000
    Solar Panels

  • That's enough to cover 80 football fields with solar panels

  • Thats's equivalent of powering 2,000,000 light bulbs

  • OR taking
    8000 cars off the road

  • AND eliminating 21,000 tonnes of CO2


Contact us & make the sun work for you

Fill out the form for a FREE energy audit and site analysis, we can design cheap solar panel solution for you. Let our company bring the power of the sun to you.

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