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 We live in exciting times! Australian’s are starting to realize more and more that Solar Energy is the future. Even the large Energy Retailers are investing in Solar! Fortunately enough, the Clean Energy Co has known the potential of Solar Energy for a while now – and that’s why we are able to provide opportunities for Australians around the nation!

Contact us and ask if you qualify for our Bill Matching Program. Not only are our Solar Products of the highest quality, but they are also coupled with our family-friendly finance programs.

A step towards Solar is a step towards your future!

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The trial will allow residents to trade their electricity with their neighbours.

Easy Steps To Get Solar!

Fill out the quote form on or give us a call on 1300 387 676 and we’ll discuss your requirements and other important factors.

We’ll verify our quote over the phone and design a system for you customized to your requirements!

Our CEC accredited installers will install the system on your rooftop – see if you qualify for Free Installation now!

We will liaise with your electricity distributor and retailer to install your bi-directional smart meters. These meters will record the electricity transfer to and from the grid!

We are here to help! Get involved with Australia’s Best Solar Panel Supplier!

From Business To Residential, the Clean Energy Co takes the complex concept of Solar Energy and converts it into a simple, straight forward solution for Australians.

Our goal is to minimize the confusion of Solar Energy across Australia and show it’s potential values in black and white. The Clean Energy Co is made up of extremely knowledgeable specialists and installers, and we’ve worked hard to be able to offer realistic solutions for Australians nationwide.