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WHY Clean Energy Co – We know Solar.

At the Clean Energy Co, we believe in world powered by solar energy. For this to occur, renewable energy must be affordable, of the highest quality and easily accessible to home owners, schools, community groups and businesses.

We believe in the promise of the sun

Melbourne Solar Panels & Solar Installation. We are the Best Solar Panel Suppliers


We are the Best Solar Panel Supplier in Melbourne – Accredited and Local Installers. We are the manufacturers of true solar panels with the quality and best value solar that you can never find anywhere else. That’s the guarantee we give. We are a company that believe in world powered by solar energy. For this to occur we make renewable energy affordable providing with cheap solar panels, providing it in the highest quality and easily accessible to home owners, schools, community groups and businesses. You can have no better provider of the same than us. Since the Clean Energy Co was founded, we have installed over 12,000 quality solar panel systems on homes, schools and commercial buildings. All of which have been installed through our highly trained and accredited team of in-house solar installers, that is why we are the top voted solar panel manufacturer all over Australia. No matter how big or small your installation is, we will be sure to have your job done to the highest standards. Clean Energy Co has been responsible for employing over 50 local installers.


We make you say Goodbye to your electricity bills with us with Melbourne solar panels and solar electricity systems. We believe in the promise of the sun as it is the most abundant energy source. We believe the sun belongs to everyone and there is no limit to the solar energy if channelized efficiently. So, we provide for the solar electricity systems. We’re committed to unlocking its vast energy so all of us can enjoy the freedom it provides. We believe that quality matters. At the Clean Energy Co, we’ve created the true value of solar power solution – combining high performance solar products at an affordable price. We believe in changing the way our world is powered. We make the true solar panels for a better and more secured future for our kids and the entire planet. We are the best for Melbourne solar installation. If you haven’t yet taken it up, it’s high time you do. All you need to do is to just contact us.


What makes us different is the fact that we have worked for

  • The most premium solar equipment on the market
  • The most comprehensive solar installation warranty
  • A family friendly No-Deposit payment plan
  • The most knowledgeable solar staff in Melbourne and the whole of Australia
  • Best value solar panels
  • With us, you can buy solar panels at a quality and price that you could never have imagined. Thus, wait no longer and call us at once.

    Energy at no cost

    Clean Energy Co are the best solar panel suppliers who determine to help Australia become a Solar Nation which is why we are breaking down the payment barriers by providing you with a Family Friendly & true solar panel solutions, no-deposit payment plan. Imagine having the best quality solar panels installed on your roof and it costing you nothing up front!

    Making The Switch In 3 Simple Steps

    Make the sun work for you

    Every hour the sun beams onto Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year.

    Contact us today for a FREE energy audit and site analysis, we can design cheap solar panel solution for you. Let our company bring the power of the sun to you

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