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Every home is different, and we believe you should get the solar system that is perfectly suited to your family’s energy needs.

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Why Clean Energy Co?
We know Solar.

At the Clean Energy Co, we believe in world powered by solar energy. For this to occur, renewable energy must be affordable, of the highest quality and easily accessible to home owners, schools, community groups and businesses.

12 years system warranty

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We stand by our work long after we’ve put the solar panels on your roof and you’ve turned the power on.

Make the sun work for you

After 250 years of burning fossil fuels, the time for change is now!

So, how does solar power work?

  • Step 1

    Your PV (photovoltaic) panels generate energy from the sun, feeding the energy into the DC/AC Inverter.

  • Step 2

    Your newly produced energy then gets fed into your home's switchboard, where it is then diverted to the house to be used.

  • Step 3

    Send your unused generated power back into the grid.

  • Step 4

    Use your OWN power inside your home or business, absolutely FREE from the sun!

Custom solutions, by the experts

We treat your home like it’s ours!

About Us

At the Clean Energy Co, we believe that energy efficiency involves so much more than slapping some solar panels on a roof. Families require considered, tailored solutions so that they can experience the best possible outcome for their situation.

That is what we set ourselves to deliver every day.

We specialise in the design and installation of solar energy systems that help future-proof our customers’ homes and businesses in a rapidly changing energy market. We are experienced in hybrid and off-grid battery storage and also develop energy efficiency solutions in which we use a combination of technologies including LED lighting, intelligent energy management software – and even powerful off-grid technology that supports regional and agricultural businesses.

The best part? We do all of the feasibility and planning so that you don’t have to. If we don’t believe our service will make your home or business more energy efficient, then we won’t try and sell it to you. Honesty is at the core of everything we do.

We couldn’t do what we do without our dedicated, highly experienced team. At the Clean Energy Co, we pride ourselves on our ability to help Aussie homes and businesses achieve optimal energy efficiency in terms of usage, cost and carbon footprint.

As of 2017 Clean Energy Co has installed over…

  • 400,000
    Solar Panels

  • That's enough to cover 80 football fields with solar panels

  • Thats's equivalent of powering 2,000,000 light bulbs

  • OR taking
    8000 cars off the road

  • AND eliminating 21,000 tonnes of CO2

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